ImmersionRC TNR Wand personal edition V1.1


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ImmersionRC's unieke 'TNR Wand'. Een onmisbare tool voor het instellen van de  TrampHV Video Transmitters middels touch-free NFC.

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ImmersionRC's unique TNR Wand. An invaluable tool for programming TrampHV Video Transmitters via touch-free NFC. Great for setting up video channels and output levels in a breeze, programming quads for a blast around in the parking garage without messing around with conventional dip switches.


The wand is capable of reading and writing the frequency and setting the power level of a Tramp HV without powering up the quad.

Pit mode eliminate accidental power-ons at race events. Quads may be safely powered up at any time, and transmit on a race-director defined frequency (or not at all).



Firmware upgradable

Change frequencies with the swipe of the wand

Set output power of VTX

Powered by two easy-to-find AAA cells.

Version V1.1 increased range for easier changing settings


Manual for the TNR Wand

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