Shendrones Raceflight Orca Frame

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Shendrones Raceflight Orca X Frame high speed FPV Racer

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The Orca frame is a collaboration between Shendrones and the two founders of Raceflight. It features a long frame concept and has superior flight characteristics. According to RaceFlight, the frame flies faster at a lower tilt because of the long length. It is also easier to control altitude with less tilt and it is easier to fly courses.

Designed with one thing in mind, SPEED.

The canopy is 3d printed TPU. There are cam mounts for Hero, Session, and Mobius/Runcam/Foxeer and can be found here


Read about its development here



215mm motors distance

Propeller: 5-inch

Frame weight 99g.

Base plate 4mm



Orca X frame as a kit

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