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Team Blacksheep ETHIX Mr Steel V2 Silk Motor 2350KV, 2306 power maar niet ten koste van de vliegtijd.

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Following the success of the TBS Mr.Steele SILK V1, the V2 addresses all complaints about the motor. After 1 year of collecting feedback, improvements and tests, we present the V2 of the best freestyle motor!


Steel shaft for added durability

Bottom-less design to reach a incredible 28.5g weight
Two types of "motor pants" (patent pending) to protect the motor
Changed from C-Clip to 2.0mm Hex screw
Improved NSK bearings
The end result is a more durable, refined motor with all the same performance properties that pilots have come to love.


We made a motor to match the flying style and requirements of one of the most popular miniquad FPV pilots, Mr.Steele! It's a motor built for longevity, consistency and silky smooth feel.



Introducing the patent-pending "Motor Pants" for Mr.Steele motors! Pilots can now quickly swap between a beginner-type "motor bumper", a intermediate "motor bottom", or the "commando"-version of the Mr. Steele motors. By making the Motor Pants from a flexible composite polymer, we gain durability over standard aluminum bottoms and provide on-demand protection from dirt or impacts. 



Unlike most companies, TBS and ETHIX look after your bottom-line: The new bell fits the old motor! 



  • Stator size: 2306
  • kV rating: 2345kV
  • Weight: 28.5g
  • Rating: 1S - 4S
  • Color: white
  • Windings: by hand
  • Awesomness factor: over 9000
  • Stator lamination: None of your business



1x TBS Mr Steele 2345kv V2 motor
2x Motor Pants (Bumper and Bottom)
4x Mounting screws M3x6.5
1x Aluminum Low-Profile Prop nut

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