GemFan WinDancer 5042-3 Durable Propeller Rood

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GemFan WinDancer 5042-3 Durable Propeller for freestyle and indoor flying (Rood / CCW + CW).

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€ 3,45


Windancer 5042 has amazing efficiency, oustanding control and fast repsonse when cornering, it is a propeller specially desighed for freestyle and indoor race flying.

Gemfan designers use 3D modelling software to design the WinDancer series airfoil and blade style.


The polycanbonate material is dash and bending resistant and leads to the best efficiency and durability.



Length : 5"
Pitch : 4.2"
Weight : 4.3 g 
Mounting hole : M5
Color : Rood
Included : 2pcs CW and 2pcs CCW in a bag

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