FrSky XSR-M receiver


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FrSky XSR-M Micro 2.4 Ghz ontvanger met 8/16 kanalen met telemetrie, SBUS en CPPM ontvanger

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XSR-M is the smallest FrSky receiver that offers the same features on the bigger XSR and X4R RX. This is great for micro builds or lightweighted mini builds given the size and weight.
It can be stacked on top of the FC or PDB and features 1-16CH from SBUS channel or 1-8ch from CPPM Channel. 


Delivered with new LBT (listen before talk) firmware. This product is compliant to the new ETSI guidelines. In order to use this receiver your transmitter has to run LBT firmware.

The LBT version of XSR-M receiver only works with FrSky D16-LBT Mode.



Sixe 20x20mm dimensions with 15mm Mounting holes spacing

Weight 2.7g
Supports 16 channels SBUS or 8 channels CPPM
Compatible with X-Series module in D16 mode
Supports Smart Port telemetry
Small But Powerful


Package contains:

XSR-M radio Receiver
Wires for connection
Instruction Manual

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